Pamela Mecca Seymour, LPC

Professional Counseling

I have been working as a counselor for over ten years.  I particularly enjoy working with children and adults who struggle with issues of organization, attention, impulsivity and social awareness, including those that may have a diagnosis of ADHD, ADD, or ASD.

Everyone has strengths that can be built on - even children and adults who are experiencing challenges at school, work or home.   I use a practical and positive approach toward helping people meet those challenges.

ADHD/ADD Coaching

Individual Therapy

Contract School Counseling
Individual counseling happens within a safe, confidential environment.  Depression, anxiety and strained family relationships often come with having ADHD/ADD or ASD.

I offer traditional therapy to assist with those needs and many others.

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Very often people who are struggling with ADHD or ADD don’t need traditional therapy.  Rather, they need some practical research-based solutions to their particular challenges and frequent encouragement to implement those solutions.  That’s what coaching is all about.

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It’s no secret that school budgets are tight these days.  Private schools and public charter schools in particular often work with budgets that do not accommodate a full-time school counseling position. Even traditional public schools often do not have all of the personnel needed to provide all the components of their counseling program.
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For more information and tips about ADHD and ADD, go to my Facebook page or my blog, Green and Yellow Zebras.